Friday, August 6, 2010

Is the 9999 Damage is enough to defeat a boss animal with 1 hit?

No, 9999 is the biggest and so far need damage of 10000 (aka ????) to fulfill enough for the "kill"! Watch the video and even facing the Cobalt boss with 9999 is not enough. Need to drain 10% of the health and then can do the kill... not for this boss that you will need to defeat it twice because after health reaches 0, the health will be regenerated 50% with the Death Lord ability, so super dangerous! Gold rare animals couldn't reach 9999, but ultimate get the highest chance to get it! 1 Bronze animal can make it into 9999. Guess what, the fiery eye Apollo is the only bronze to reach the highest, are there any 10000 damage yet, or even ????

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