Sunday, August 8, 2010

Price of Version 12DX or 13 Full Set?

So far the new version almost come within next month. Before you buy the full set when it is released, take a good observation among the price. Will the price gets higher than V12 or lower? Of course higher, each version got cool rared cards and new foil cards, and that's the reason it is expensive just for a full set.

Let's take an observation within the price. How much do you think will be the price? $900? My idea would be $950 for the full set. Maybe in the next upcoming version V13 or V14 price go higher into $1000 or more! If the next version got dinosaur, I think Dinosaur no longer exists in real life!

This maybe the sequence appearing:

Deck A = ?
Deck B = ?
Deck C = ?
Deck D = ?

The truth is on the next version. If got 12DX, 3 ultimate cards!

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