Monday, August 16, 2010

Rumors: Local Version 6

ZZZ... must wait for months for V6, but this is the rumor. Some of them might not be true.

* Official Release date at March 2011
* Price of the full set will fetch to $700
* Ultimate card will be Scorch
* All evil animals are usable
* This version will have a machine upgrade
* The boss will be another ultimate card (My guess is White Lion, like in the Japan version)
* Champion card will be Great White Shark
* More people will sell cards and sequences
* Price of this version's sequence can go up as $100 or even more
* Fiery eye animals will be appeared in this version
* Price of 1 game will increase, or stay at $2 per game
* Our old boss animal will be same as the V5 boss
* The promo Leap (Holy bat) will be usable in this version

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