Friday, August 13, 2010

Rumors: Version 5

Still have to wait for Version 5? Any fans are waiting, but this is the rumor. Some of them are not true. This is not stated at the website yet, but we still can imagine all about this.

* Official Release Date will be at the end of the year (If quick, we could have it by September)
* The Version 5 Animals will have Holy Animals
* New animals is the 3 new bats, just like the Japanese Version
* New Strong Cards and Miracle cards will be released
* Tournament Consolation price still at $5
* More Japanese Cards will be playable (If they have holy animals, they could be usable)
* Evil Animals are not playable
* Ultimate Card still at Siegfried?
* New Boss Animal - Besides Scorch we will have another boss if you pick strong
* There will be a machine upgrade
* The new boss animal is heard to be the gold mammoth?

* New Promotion Card will be released
* The Gold Vrede Holy Elephant will be usable
* The Bear Shirt tournament consolation card is not released
* Price of the cards would fetch up, if they have holy animals the gold Vrede will fetch close to $100 or less
* Siegfried card price remains
* We do not have Scorch card at this version, just like the Japanese version
* Version 4 Old Version will offer $1 per game because old deck and old version
* Japanese cards are not allowed in tournaments
* The Leaflet is heard to be like the Japanese Version
* Version 6 would be released by the end of the year or at March 2011 if the release date is at the end of the year
* Full set price will fetch into $600 or more
* Special Crashing Moon card is available for download in the official website
* Price of 1 game will remain at $2 per game
* The price of old cards like Ocean Power, Virtuous Skies, SOL will go up higher as the machines are not available anymore
* According to the printing of the cardlist, the time of the release date will go faster or even slower

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