Sunday, August 22, 2010

A sad Korean Music

It consists of 2 parts.

What others say about this video?

"If you watch the year carefully, I think you will understand what is going on. At first, it was in 1975 when they went ice mountain climbing. She got hurt. He went to get help but fell in the water. They both died.  Into the future, 2001 after reincarnation, he woke up from a dream aboout the past, went to look and realized the frozen her was still there. When he went home, she came out of her house and recognized him. Something like that." ~ yangml

"How ironic...They live next door to each other (@ their after life year 2001)" ~ headup3

"This Music Video is about the love story of same couple in two differnt times by 27 years.

I mean first story happened in Alaska Dec. 24. 1975.while they went out sledding, they was involved in an accident themselves.

Second story is about next life at same place in 2001.
The guy has the traces for the previous life and ex_lover.

The MV begins the scene he is absorbed in the painful memory on part 1 and ends they two meets each other and loves again on part 2.

Some people believes one with desires lives over and over. Until they satisfy their own life, then they go to the heaven in peace.

Both had come back to life again and meet each other at last. sweet but unreal story, isn't it?
~ gospel1004

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