Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Selling your own card deck

AK Cards for each version always have different decks, one of them loaded into a different machine. If you want to sell your own decks, follow these tricks:

1) Make sure all cards are in perfect condition (For all cards including rared cards) and then tie them with a rubber band and make it balance just like a new set has been made.

2) Not enough cards? Go to the arcade to hunt for some cards or buy from another player or in stores to create your first deck or other deck.

3) For full sets, you need at least 2 complete sets of a same version and must be in perfect condition. Decks must be A to H, be sure to pack them safely and slowly, so the cards will not be broken.

4) If you have much decks to sell, pack them into a box that is enough to carry all of your decks. When using boxes be sure to wrap them into a plastic and secure them tightly, so that the cards will not go out from the boxes.

5) Sell them into at least $50 per deck, or $150 or higher for a complete set. Market rate offers $50 for a single deck of cards. Full set from $220 until $850. Don't make price too high, balance the price and you will get enough profit for yourself...

6) Got thousand or millions of AK cards? When selling them into a deck phrase, don't sell all of them, even if you still play AK. Save 500 cards or less so that you still can use more cards. Sell what you need. Customers buy, you will get money!

7) Freebie for your customers should be the deck sequence in any formats, let them know what they will hunt...

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