Monday, August 9, 2010

Silver Card Trade in Arcade found?

Spotted someone trading Crashing Moon V3 (Mint) with someone with another Crashing Moon (V1) at arcade, the kid must seems to collect many silver cards... he got Black Hole, Crashing Moon, Meteor Shower, and Hippo Larry. That boy is trading with another kid with his Crashing Moon and same cards were traded, but different version.

On my first game, that kid wanted some cards to trade with, I say yes. So we trade and trade... that kid is deciding to give me V3 mint Crashing Moon, and V6 Ice Meteor. Play for the first game, at the end get another Crashing Moon but V4. Lucky me, got 2 Crashing Moon at the same day, then I gave one of my 3 Crashing Moon to that kid, then he leaves the arcade.

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