Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Story: Advice Needed, thanks

This people started V3 with his son, now moving to V4.

would like to seek some advice from the gurus or old-hand here.

My son started on this game V3 a few mths back and now moving into V4.

We do play @ arcades like Vivo, J8 or nearby 7-11s. Sometimes, people do ask to see our albums, and first comment “wow, all original man” and “oh, u don’t have this, and that”.

my son does get disappointed with the latter comments. And when he sees the other guys’ albums, we are both puzzled when we see supposedly precious cards, like gold/silver/bronze, just normal color.

Are these fakes? if so, how come, they are playable?

secondly, last weekend, we were sitting beside on japanese boy and his albums are filled with some cards, we have never seen before. When he tried, the system will remark “card not playable”.
Hence, why are people still trading Japanese AK cards?
Are they just for collection purpose or for playing?

Lastly, when I was queuing in one arcade, got into a conversation with an uncle who shared that they managed to catch staffs of the arcade, manipulating the cards when they load so that they or their friends can get the precious cards and then sell them? is that true?

Recently, my son & I spent close to $50, on a machine, but we did not get any special cards, just duplicates and duplicates. And the staff was just beside us, smiling. Well, rotten luck or ???

Thanks for “sharing/educating”. Much appreciated."~ Zac_Shark

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