Saturday, August 7, 2010

Story: Animal Kaiser Like Gambling?

By the way why the one who reports this wanted to get the game banned? It's a children game apart.

"Heard from Straits Times online news that AK is part of gambling game, is that true? I also heard few people says it’s like gambling, slot machines appeared, inserting coin/money/swipe cards which costs money for play $2 or lower a game, play and then sometimes we get gold or normal or other foil cards. In there also people wanted to “ban” this game.

People always go hanging out @ arcade and play with their real money, get cards, just like other card-based arcade games. I don’t too believe that this game is a part of gambling when I started AK, then what next? At real gambling we pay to buy some chips or other things, AK for cards. Not only AK but other arcade games like Dinosaur King, etc.

This is a part of children game and I think it contains little gambling with the slot machines and cards.

What u think?"~ do things you like

AK Maybe a part of gambling but thanks for do things you like, buying cards and pay money for a game is just like a part of gambling.

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