Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Story: Bid on eBay, by ghost

"Another story to share and pls bear with me. Sequence of event are as follows,

(1) Seller posted to sell Siegfired @ S$50.00
(2) Buyer text keen.
(3) Buyer keeps procastinating.
(4) Seller sense that Buyer is not sincere.
(5) Re-list the sale on Zone X Forum and listed the items on eBay for sale.
(6) Buyer text Seller : “um you selling the Siegfried on eBay”.
(7) Wow! Within minutes Seller’s posting of Siegfried plus 2 of his other posting on eBay has response from Bidder k*it*an*201*
(8) One of Seller's bid closed and tried to contact Bidder k*it*an*201* but to no avail.
(9) Seller opens order detail and found following contact info.

mar* on*
Singapore, 1120 670655

(10) Seller luanch a complain to eBay and they are investigating. Good thing k*it*an*201* has 2 more bids pending closure and I hope eBay would be able to trace this person down.

I find the sequence of event fishy. Don’t you?

I think bidder k*it*an*201* did not know that Joy Bidding plus not providing accurate contact info is an offence and also bidding on eBay is binded by law.
" ~ quekie

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