Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Story: Fight found @ arcade

This is got from a people who got this experience, a fight at arcade!

He said that he went with his friends to play AK at somewhere, one of his friends take a look at one of a kid's card playing thercarde his , then one of his friend on his gang took his V3 Starburst and then ran away, there has been a long chase around the mall, around the arcade. After that he gave the Starburst to another friend, ran away, give it again and so on, after the chase is over, he found his card fall down, he didn't wear any album for his card, when it falls down again, many of his friend took the cards without being noticed, the AK fan who experience this problem took his Machine Eagle - HG original, another stole his Kid and Joe up/down promotion card, and he only get few cards. Then the arcade staff go there, and let them leave.

Fight @ arcade?

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