Saturday, August 7, 2010

Story: Fight with a malay girl

"yesterday when i was at TM, got about 4 people in front of me, 2 pairs of siblings.

then the first pair play about 10 games and then left & then the other siblings in front play abt 10 games, i wait there for more than an hour..............

There was also another boy in front of me, then i ask him whether can challenge him, he say can,

so when ‘our’ turn, we played only about 2 games ,then there was a malay lady asked me how many games we will be playing, then the boy that i playing with say.. about 4 then i say about 5.

Then into our 3rd game , she keep on disturbing us like keep on asking how long more then i tell her say abt 6 more left. and then got another parent ask whether can let her small boy play for 1 game ? I say that we will play 1 more game and then let her so we played 1 more game adn then the malay girl keep on making noise and then she go complain.

After that , arcade staff came and asked us to go.

so i let the another parent’s child to play first.

The malay girl i think with her BF and her younger brother play next

i was i little pissed off as the parent and the malay youngsters only waited for leess then 30 minutes.

i asked the Malay girl that i came fist togehter with the boy and then we suppose to play first but then she say only 3 games, so nevermind..........................

then when the small boy kid playing , the malay Girl say that if a small boy can be so patient to wait for a machine, i should be more patient, so then i tell her that she should be more patient than me as she is older, but then i was fuming.................

then we qurraled, then when she want to leave that time, she think she so big, pushed me away, then after that she tripped over my leg then get up and walk away, then she keep on shouting in malay, i could not be bothered and just ignored her.

seriosly, i think ppl only protect themselves and should be more considerate and not always complain."

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Wonder why got that Malay girl get up into a fight with this AK fan, tripping over his leg and pushed him, a fight, why does he don't want to fight back?

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