Monday, August 16, 2010

Story: I hate you, fisherman/fisherwoman...

"I am always tempted to get the sequence, in order to fish good foil cards for my son, also to quench my insecurity mentality a times. Does this exposed the mindest of the fishermen out there too??

However, I tried hard to suppress the poison and enticement again and again. Seriously, I have no answer to the mindset of players who are craving to know the sequence of the cards. It crashed and lost the values of the game comprehensively!!!

I have witnessed those adults hogging on the ak machine for prolong period. The plot is simple for this tyoe of simple minded people. Play to lose the game within two attacks from the machine opponent just to get the cards!!!Forget to add, not even the bronze cards were spared!!!!!! Can we imagine a kid doing this as well? Investing aimless time in pushing the dump button with unwise concept......:(

My dissection and analysis could divulge the following basis of the objective of fishermen:

A) Simply Kiasu, eveything want to prevail (typical Singaporean)
B) Simply $$$ minded. Out to earn a peanut from AK machine, though the profit is peanut
C) Do not wish to waste hard earned $$ by getting normal cards
D) Monkey see, monkey do. Stop myself as a victim to fishermen, cannot beat them, i join them. A vicious cycle in the pipeline
E) Wish to get foil cards to please their kids( at least I respect this category of people, a bit...)

Anymore?? If certain to have plenty..........of craps and lame reasons, when it comes from the mentioned fishermen’s horse mouths.

AK used to be a game for entertainment, now is a throat cutting business in convert......E.g : What selling of sequences la.........and it perpetual the growth of fishermen a chain effect…

Having said that, for those who know me in person, do expose my hypocrism here,only if you ever see me join the ranks of fishermen........... terrorising and victimising young people and unaware adult at the arcade......

My quote: I detest and look down on fishermen....your are a cheapo.......your underhand act tantamount to your awful values and morality. If you are damn enterprising, go earn big money in the financial field....rather then dwelling in the a frog…"

~ 无间道

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