Sunday, August 15, 2010

Story: My sweet memory when I started AK

Last year when there are many peoples got "hooked" to the AK game, this will spread how many people likes the game. Before I start, I remember that many peoples in arcades talking about AK and even on my neighborhood... many of them always play AK. Now I got also hooked, I just play 1 game because I'm still a newbie, just use no cards and I win all 3 rounds, play at Version 1 and get normal card, Alien Egg C. Now many peoples are hooked, they collects some cards and even bring their albums/binder into the arcade when playing, got some of their collections OR even all of them, we don't know yet.

I got hooked and keep playing till Version 3, now Version 4... hoping to finish all decks without buying a full set either as I got one and now try to play and fish for some cards, the first time I knew the Japanese Versions is from the website, everyday I check it and found new interesting stuffs, now go over Version 12 and where is Version 12DX or 13?

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