Friday, August 6, 2010

Story: "Pain" from Animal Kaiser Game

"during ver 3 i sat for hrs and in the end my back was hurt and till now so called just recover only (maybe old liao)"

"I tried playing almost 3 hours plus at one time on a V3 machine and I got so giddy and dis-oriented
Not recommended for long hours of play a some break in between (even for " big " kids like myself)"

~ Hades

"hey fren, i strongly agree....i just played 1 full deck this morning....sit on the machine for 4 hrs...the chair can fry egg and my back very pain liao.....but satisfied cos i got 2 gold....lowland and great white shark....LOL .My back pain and my eye like poping out....sianzzzz"
~ zulfadli

Playing AK Too much can affect your body, so control your time in playing AK!

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