Sunday, August 1, 2010

Story: Very lucky

"Today, igo parkway play timezone. I go there then find out that there already have anmalkaiser ver 4. I que at one machine and my sister que at the express lane.After 9 games,My sister got to play. She play all 3 time no good card.After that she go and play Catching toy macine.She play 2 times come back with two soft toys. Whoa so luckiy! Then i wait for another 5 games.The girl infront of me wanted to play 3 times, but her mother say she have to go already.Then i play 1 time. Use jap Narwhale.Lose at first round, thout i very unlucky. Then i use my special techniche to see if rare card anot. Whoa got a crashing moon. So lucky." ~ aklover


"Crashing Moon All T leh ..... Alligator and Bald Eagle need this ..... 2-star and it seems that everytime Golden T appear .... sure win ....

you still need the Ultimate Siegfried to try the best combo ...." ~ spaceshuttle

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