Monday, August 9, 2010

Story: You are a bad trader!!!

"Once upon a time there is a trader from animalkaiser wanted to trade version 3 cards for version 4 cards and he met up with a trader and this is their deal :

Trader A : Alligator + Spiny Flower Mantis + Killer Whale + $20

Trader B : SOL itself.

Then trader B sms trader A that trader C offered trader B Siegfried + Alligator

Trader A himself suddenly lost interest to trade as he knew that Siegfried is too much for SOL and additionally , a Alligator is added with Siegfried.

It is very obvious that Trader B is lying and really hopeless fellow.

His Zone X account name is s984 so do not trade with him or buy any crap from him thanks for taking your time to read.It’s not a lie , it’s true." ~ Mushiking Fan

Reply from trader B (s984)

"Mushkingfan quekie really offered me siegfreid jap one plus alligator for sol ok if you want go check with him lah idiot" ! ~ s984

Reply from wilong

"There are genuine buyer/seller and there are also “fake” ones. You only wasted some time keying in. I when from the east to meet up seller on the west and he did not turn up. sms him never answer. call him and he reject call. Seller call back a few hours later to say that he was sleeping, So what to do?" ~ wilong

Another reply from MushiKingFan

"s984 i aint a idiot faggot...." ~ MushikingFan

Worst reply got from s984

"You are a bloody F***ing # you accuse me wrongly first what"
* Note: He means a bad word, bad for kids!!!

Reply from a member

"Maybe wrong, sometimes we do not know what is the real people is, if s984 is really the one, don’t know what will happen, but if it is someone else, then who is trader B (s984 or anyone else?)" ~ do things you like

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