Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tips for newbies - What do the special effects do?

Beginners play in your local machines, can also go fly to Japan to try some of your non-usable cards. Newbies must know... if they want to win, and then become an AK fan, or even a no. 1 AK fan!

Poison: Lowers your opponent's strength. Each time their opponent attack with a poison status on it the attack will become weaker, and after an attack it goes back normally.

Curse: Make a devastating blow to your opponent, while the health being weakened to bigger the damage. The effect wears off after an attack.

Vampire: After an attack with a Vampire effect, it regains your animal's health based on how many damage is inflicted.

Hell Flame: Only Death Scorch can use this skill. The Tech attack of this animal will result the biggest damage 9999.

Target Lock: Only Machine Lion - HGX can use this skill. When it's health reaches 30% or less, when attacking, the damage will result a bigger one.

??? - maybe new in Version 12DX/13


Dark Burst: Only available in all evil animals. When health reaches 30% or less, this skill will lower your opponent's attack into 111. Example opponent is 422, turn into 111.

Super Dark Burst: Only Scorch can use this skill. Same like the original dark burst ability, but it is added with a special effect like curse, making the opponent's health bar depletes faster.

Declaration in Extermination: Only available to all extinct animals. When health reaches 30% or less, the two slot machines will change into best attack and miracle, second slot will be 10 and doubling. Wish you luck not to get 10!

Kaiser Flash: Only available to White Lion. When health reaches 30% or less, this skill will make the animal's color turn into gold although it is not attacking, and at every time and every attacks, resulting bigger damage. If an ultimate attack is unleashed while using Kaiser Flash, the Japanese writing of when it turns into golden color will change and results bigger damage.

Substitution: Available to Ninja Wolf and the Version 9 Siegfried. Get once attacked will appear one eye symbol on your animal's stats. Got attacked 3 times and the 4th attack will not result any damage and see how your animal substitute at the end of that attack.

Super Kaiser Flash: Only available to Holy Snake. Still get the same feature with the original Kaiser Flash, but only improves attack power.

Transform: Only available to all Ninja Animals. On one of these animal's attacks can make them transform into other animals.

Iron Heart: Only available to all machine animals. When an opponent strikes your animal with a special effect, the effect will not take part, example get attacked by poison, only damage is inflicted, the poison will not join into the machine animal.

Death Lord: Available to the bronze giraffe and normal hyena. Recovers 1% of the health after being defeated without survivor! It also increase attack damage after the regenerating is finished.

Super Death Lord: Available to the gold komodo and ultimate Cobalt. Revives 20% of the health after defeat. Increases attack strength when defeated. For Cobalt: 50% recovery

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