Saturday, August 7, 2010

Version 12 New Ability

Summon Death Lord "Super Revival" revives your animal upon defeat! With this new kind of ability, don't panic when defeat is yours, take revival! Use miracle effect with survivor with an animal which has Super Revival (Cobalt, Joker)! Take note it only recovers 10% to the gold komodo dragon (Joker) and 50% to Cobalt (Great White Shark)

How does it works:

1. Get attacked until your animal health runs out
2. Ability is done
3. Get back to battle!!

Here's the close up preview when you play the game, revival awaits!!! Notice that an animal could revive with a demon symbol at the left of the card.

Brilliant, demon brings back animal life after death! But only can be done once, so don't feel free to be happy to make this ability last forever!

Lastly, we got another type of revival which is WEAKER than the super revival. It revives 1% of the health, panic scream!!!

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