Monday, September 13, 2010

Story: Is this what they're trained for? Army guys in uniform play DDR at Jurong Point

The people saw 2 people with army uniform play DDR at arcade

Are these soldiers trained to defend the country or to dance, wonders an amused STOMPer Alex, who came across these two uniformed SAF servicemen playing DDR at a Jurong Point games arcade.

DDR, or Dance Dance Revolution, is a popular music video game series.

Players stand on a dance platform and hit coloured arrows with their feet to musical and visual cues.

Two uniformed soldiers 'dancing' at a games arcade is an unbecoming sight and doesn't reflect well on the SAF, says STOMPer Alex.

This STOMPer says:

"I was at Jurong Point yesterday (Oct 6) evening and saw these army servicemen in full uniform playing DDR.

"What a joke! So they are trained to play DDR as well?"


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