Monday, September 13, 2010

Story: Loud and rowdy biker group in games arcade

A gang of motor bikers come to arcade to play

STOMPer Kormiliah Hlggins noticed this group of identically dressed young men, playing in the games arcade at Kallang Leisure Park and wondered whether they were part of some local biker group.

This STOMPer observed that they were dressed identically, in matching helmets and t-shirts, embossed with the same logo.

The STOMPer says:

"I was at the arcade at Leisure Park when my friends and I came across this group of bikers. They were wearing the same shirt with helmets and with matching logos.

"They were loud, rowdy and aggressive while playing some of the game machines and scared other patrons and kids.

"I was wondering if they belonged to a motor gang(although you don't see them these days), given the same attire, helmets and logos."


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