Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Version 13 - September 2010 (銀河からの侵略者)

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Theme Version 13: Galaxy Invading Animals

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New Ability! This new type of ability is owned by the animals in this new version, this will make the battle more fierce as the background of the game will turn to white! Also a new ultimate attack (Destroy)!

New Animals, including our latest ultimate, Master Apollo!

This is the latest Master Animal and called Master Apollo!

Secret Animal - Not yet discovered

2 Ultimate Cards to grab

New 2 in 1 cards to grab! Now available in normal, bronze, silver, and gold! There are 1 gold and silver, 2 bronze, and 3 normal, making the total number into 7 cards!

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The 2 lion cubs are now not in bronze anymore, it's silver rare!

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This is the group of the galaxy animals, all in white and yellow colors! The ultimate whale is an ultimate card and the boss animal of Version 13!

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