Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why both 511 and 151 is Silver?

Why these Version 12 cards were silver rare although they are just 151 and 511? This is the answer.

If you take a full survey of this card, you will notice these things on each strong card.

You will find these features on each strong card:

1. Japanese Strong Card writing on the upper left of the card
2. Strong Card writing on the top of the card
3. Card number on the upper right side of the card
4. The picture of the strong card
5. Aura
6. Levels
7. Name
8. Description

The important tip to find out why is this:

Take a closer look of the description above? V aura is a new aura that combines an original aura to make it even much stronger. V aura is also known as Victory Aura.

Survey the last time of the card... you will find out why!

Now you know that the Victory Aura makes a strong card much more stronger, the answer is the V aura!

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