Monday, November 1, 2010

Let's do together to save Earyh's energy before it runs out!

We care of our Earth, so let's help the world to reduce the use of excess energies produced by Earth, because it will take millions of years to recover it again!

What will happen if our energy runs out?
The world cannot produce fuel, making vehicles are unable to move, soon we will need something to recover the energy, or wait for million of years to get them back. Therefore, we will need to search for a new energy source or else the end will come to the energies... so we will need to save the energy everytime and everywhere.

Good Example of a vehicle without using Earth's Energy
Japan has a special vehicle that looks like a car but not using any motors, it takes the pedal to move the wheel. How creative Japan is, and you can also go to school by taking your bike, if it is not a far distance. Walking can also help if you are traveling in a very short distance, like from your house to your neighbor's home is a way to save energy.

Do we realize we have used too much energy?
Yes, because there are millions of vehicles lurking around Earth, it waste fuel and create air pollution, the amount of vehicles produced throughout the world should be decreased before the whole energy runs out. We also needs to use the gas wisely to cook and use it enough, don't let it go on.

GET GOING! We still have much time before we are losing out our energy!

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