Monday, November 15, 2010

Mushi-king Battle! Gacchu-Guts Location Testing

This is a new version of Mushiking, with a new mode of gaming!

"For a limited time period only! Arrived at Zone X @ AMK Hub!"▼New "Mushiking" with double touch screen!
▼Fun to touch with the dual screens!
▼Newest cabinet with the vibrate touch panel!
▼When one touches, the screen vibrates!

Game Overview:
Choose 3 cards out of 6 categories to fight!
Sega's new board RINGWIDE enables beautiful and powerful graphic. Plus, the touch action feature delivers new excitement and sensation!
When the attack is successful, the guts gauge goes up. If the gauge becomes full, a powerful bug is created from the 3 cards which you have chosen!

It is $2 per game (Tapz Card)! It is the same with AK game price/play.

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