Monday, May 9, 2011

AK Evolution Videos

- Triple Focus Guard

Video Credit: AnimalKaiserML

- Double Focus Attack

Video Credit: AnimalKaiserML

- Aura Explosion

Video Credit: AnimalKaiserML

- Double Focus Guard

Video Credit: AnimalKaiserML

Expensive cards spotted at Yahoo! Japan auction

This is a very expensive set of cards... 80,000 Yens for the starting bid, while 150,000 Yen is for the Buy Now price! Are you dare to buy this rare cards?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Animal Kaiser Evolution Rumors

We predict that it would be launched around 2011 or early 2012. Here are some rumors that we believe appears in AK Evolution. Note that this is only rumor, not confirmed yet.

* Extinct animals will appear! (Saber-toothed, Archaeopteryx, Barracuda, etc.)
* Ultimate card is Galleon

* Boss Animal will be Death Scorch, Scorch's ultimate transformation.

* Champion Card will change, same with promotion cards.
* Previous AK cards are playable.
* ?

Known Things
* Double Focus, Triple Focus will be added.
* Apollo and other Ver. 7 cards will be available.
* ?

Coming Soon...

AK Life Cycle
1st series (Ver 1-6)
2nd series (Ver 1-?)

Version 14 Introduction Trailer

Version 14 intro trailer! The final battle scene!

Version 14 Silver + Gold rare cards

In Version 14, the strongest rare of all which is bigger than ultimate rare is known as Kaiser Rare, a combination of Gold and Silver cards! There are 7 of these cards, so grab them while they still exists!

Full List:

Free Ver 6 Sequence - Deck A

Free sequence on Version 6 (Deck A). Sequence file is in Excel format.

AK Sequence Ver 6 Deck A - Click here to download (Free!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Animal Kaiser Evolution - 2nd AK Series

After Version 6, we will be having Animal Kaiser Evolution which will be the latest AK series as well. It features the animals from the Japanese series and some new features that Japan do not have. Double Focus, Triple Focus and Aura Explosion will be introduced here. We will start from Version 1 again, but don't worry, as new animals are available here.

Update from AK Fan Site
"To tell the truth, version 6 is the last version of Animal Kaiser...



We'll introduce "Animal Kaiser Evolution" here.
Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!"

Double Focus and Triple Focus

Version 6 new additions

Version 6 has already finished and released. The ultimate rare card will be Atlas which supports 9000 health!
The evil animals will also arrive in this version, and the other new cards such as Saturn Saw, Dirty Fighters and more. Evil Aura is also introduced here. Note that the Atlas here doesn't have the ability like the Version 7 does.

Note: This is the last version for the current English version of AK, but don't worry as the new AK series will launch.

Fake cards report from Taiwan

Taiwan has made a news report about fake cards in Taiwan.

Lots of fake cards!

Written from the website (in Taiwanese)
警政署保智大隊 9日宣布查獲大批仿冒日系玩具,函送嫌疑人。其中,仿冒的百獸大戰遊戲卡(如圖)多從中國大陸進口,真假難辨。中央社記者黃旭昇新北市

AK is ending

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Special forum announcement

We announce that we have a major change in our previous AK forum, and now is already made. We are still adding some forums left, but you still can register!


You can now talk and enjoy!